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Vision Therapy with James VanCamp, O.D.
is an individualized, supervised, treatment designed to correct visual-motor and / or perceptual-cognitive deficiencies. Some visual conditions can't be treated adequately with just glasses, contact lenses and/or patching, and are  best  resolved  through our  personalized  program  of  Vision Therapy

Optometric  vision  therapy is a treatment plan used to correct or  improve specific  dysfunctions of the vision system.  It includes, but  is  not limited to,  the  treatment  of  strabismus   (turned eye),  other  dysfunctions  of binocularity  (eye  teaming),  amblyopia  (lazy eye),  accommodation  (eye focusing),  ocular  motor  function  (general  eye  movement  ability),  and visual-perception-motor abilities. -
the American Optometric Association

Optometric  vision  therapy  is  based upon a medically  necessary  plan of treatment  and  it   is  designed  to  improve  specific  vision  dysfunctions determined by  standardized  diagnostic criteria.  Visual therapy effectively encompass lenses, prisms, occlusion (eye patching), and other appropriate materials,  modalities,  and  equipment.  Vision  therapy  can also be called visual or vision training, orthoptics, eye training, or eye exercises.

Please note that the definition above describes Optometric Vision Therapy, which has been  clinically  shown to improve  certain eye disorders,  which are  described  above. However  Optometric  Vision  Therapy  is  NOT  the same as the Bates Method, vision therapy using Bates, integrated vision therapy, or natural eye exercises. These holistic programs  use  some  form of  eye  exercises  associated  with relaxation  techniques, which  claim  to improve  nearsightedness,  farsightedness,  astigmatism,  decreasing vision with  age,  and other disorders.  There is virtually  no statistical studies / results indicating the success of these methods.

Do I need Vision Therapy?

Possibly,  if you are an adult or have a child with visual  challenges,  such as, but not limited to, learning-related visual problems. Vision therapy can help  those  who lack the  necessary  visual  abilities to  effectively  read, write, and learn and who have difficulties with activities such as focusing, visual memory,  eye movement,  eye-hand activity,  as well as other  eye related disabilities.

Poor Binocular Coordination
Vision Therapy helps patients to develop normal coordination of both eyes (binocular vision). When both eyes ineffectively coordinate as an effective team,  degenerated  performances will occur in such activities as  reading, depth perception, eye contact, sports, and other related skills.

Neuro Optometric Evaluation and Treatment
Brain  injuries,  stroke,  whiplash,  developmental delays, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, as well as many other disorders, can impair effective vision. Effective  vision can also be compromised as a result of a simple trauma to the nervous system,  or a  neurological  disorder.  With a proper diagnosis, vision therapy can be  an effective treatment.

Strabismus and Amblyopia
Vision therapy can  offer safer and higher successful  treatment for turned eyes  and / or lazy eye  when compared to eye surgery, glasses,  and / or patching, without therapy. Early diagnosis and treatment usually results in even higher patient satisfaction.

Visual Difficulties and Stress
Computers,  hand held  devices and  the internet, has made their way into our everyday lives. Be it at work and/ r at home, adults as well as children inadvisably  push their  eyes past the point of eye strain.  Computer Vision Syndrome (C.V.S.)  is one of the  fastest  growing eye health  concerns in society today.  Excessive computer use and / or uninterrupted close  work can induce eyestrain, headaches, and/or other visual difficulties which can be effectively treated by Vision Therapy.

Visual Therapy and Athletics
Distinct visual  skills are critical to most activities, with sports in particular. Many  professional  athletes  have  either  extended their  careers and / or realized measurable improvement in their performances as a result of visual therapy.  We test and successfully improve  eye-hand coordination,  visual reaction time, peripheral awareness, focusing, and other visualization skills.

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