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We believe your time is valuable, and this site reflects our commitment to you.
The best  way to save you time and not sacrifice quality,  is to make this site work
for you.  When you arrive  for  your  appointment we  are here to serve you,  and to
serve your needs, we need  information. We need to to know more about you. You
will be asked to supply  information  about your  lifestyle,  medical  history,  and, if
applicable,  any insurance information,  so we may process your claim for you. On
this website, you can leisurely do this, from the comfort of your own home or office

There are only three easy steps for you to considerably cut down your wait time at
the office.  Rest assured, all  information  from this  website,  will be  discussed  in
detail at the time of your examination.

 1. Make an Appointment On-Line
By reserving your appointment on the web, you can conveniently select the best
time for you and your family. This way, you can schedule your visit around other
important  events during the course of your day, so  scheduling conflicts to your
personal life can be kept to a minimum

 2. Pre-register your Office Visit On-Line
An eye exam starts the minute you set up your appointment. Not just when you
sit down in the exam  room.  Before we can begin  the physical side of  carefully
examining  your  eyes,  we need  to know  your medical  history.  Did you know
that medical  problems, such as diabetes & other conditions, can be discovered
in a carefully planned  eye exam? You will be asked to fill out a form  (the same
form we have in-office), so we can progress with a customized eye exam, based
on your needs and requirements, along with the physical side of your eye exam.
By completing this form now, you will not have to do this at the office, &  we will
be afforded the luxury of having  even more  time to digest your information. Now
your time spent at the office can  be kept  to a minimum,  without  any  sacrifice
to quality, so we may better serve you.

 3. Pre-register your Insurance On-Line
Do  we accept your insurance?  Probably...but  we still have to process it.  That
means you could spend anywhere  from  one minute to many hours at the office,
while  we  try to get  the  approval  necessary  for us to proceed with  your exam
plan.  Sometimes  we find out that your insurance company may have a problem
with your coverage that  we can correct for you,  before you even enter our office!
By completing  the form on-line,  we  can  take the  guess work out of  the claim
process  for  you. We  will do  all the  processing  work  for you,  so you  will not
have to.  We truly want to make your visit to our office an uneventful visit,  so our
experienced staff will go to work on getting  the best  possible  coverage for  you
that you are  allowed by  your insurance  carrier.

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