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What’s Varilux Ipseo?

IIpseo- A Latin word meaning “my own way”

Varilux Ipseo is the world's first progressive addition lens (PAL) to integrate a specific individual’s physiological measures of eye and head movement (in addition to their prescription’s parameters) into the lens design for a totally custom-made PAL. Varilux Ipseo is a unique, custom-made lens design for every presbyope based on the patient’s prescription and their unique visual strategy.




How does it work?

Extensive research has shown that eye and head movements are unique to each individual. Based on these new data points -the head/eye stability coefficients- the Varilux Ipseo progressive lens surface design is personalized by free form lens cutting software to fabricate a distinct lens, custom-made to the individual's prescription and their unique visual dynamics.

Your head/eye movement is measured using the Varilux VisionPrint System™ to determine his/her unique “visual fingerprint.”

Along with the prescription and other measurements, two parameters (the head/eye ratio and the stability coefficient) are taken into account to design and create a unique progressive lens that responds to your unique visual needs.



What is the Vision Print System (VPS)?

Essilor’s Vision Print System (VPS) a FDA cleared diagnostic device, measures unique visual behavior of head and eye movements, and allows for lenses to be individually designed to optimize a patients’ field of vision. The result is truly personalized, tailor made lens perfectly in line with the wearer’s physiological and visual needs.




Why are head/eye movements so important?

The swim effect of progressive lenses is mainly due to head movements, while, at the other end of the spectrum, the more a wearer moves his eyes, the greater the lens area the eyes explore. So in order to optimize a progressive lens, it is essential to know the patients unique vision strategy.

All Varilux lenses are based on the wearer’s physiological needs.

The designs of the first five generations of Varilux lenses have been constantly improved based on the common fundamental needs of large populations of presbyopes.

Today, Varilux Ipseo lenses consider the individual physiological differences of each and every lens wearer.

Advanced research demonstrates that eye and head movement ratio have a direct correlation with the way the surface of the lens is used and how objects are perceived :

Eye movements have a direct influence on perception of fields vision.
Head movements have a direct influence on perception of swim effect.

With eye-movers, the eyes scans a large surface of the lens to explore the surroundings.

The more eye movement, the more critical it becomes to maximize the width of vision fields for optimum comfort in dynamic vision.

With head-movers, the eyes use only the central portion of the lens for foveal vision.

The more head movement, the more critical it becomes to minimize minor distortions for optimum comfort in dynamic vision. The design must be very soft in periphery to minimize the 'swim' effect.



Why is Varilux Ipseo considered a revolutionary solution?

Varilux Ipseo’s main technological breakthrough means that each and every wearer can benefit from a unique optical solution, designed from his/her unique physiological needs and as a function of his/her unique natural visual behavior.

Compensation for all kinds of wearer conditions requires more than minor adjustments, and it’s more than choosing from a variety of designs.

Every Varilux Ipseo lens is created from the individual wearer’s “visual fingerprint.”

Each Varilux Ipseo lens is individually conceived and manufactured by using state-of-the-art freeform technology. Freeform is the only technology that allows the manufacturing of unique lenses without the constraint of having pre-manufacturing molds, and also pre-defined designs. Essilor patents in this field (designs creation, freeform, and control) make it possible to create a very accurate personalization for each wearer.

Freeform technology generates a complex design directly from a “hockey puck” without using traditional tools and pads. Customization is a design optimization which, by adding parameters to the current Rx, allows lenses to be tailor-made to specific patient needs.

“Customized Design” PALs fall into 1 of 3 categories:
Customized to the Frame
Customized to Lifestyle
Customized to Advanced Ergonomics (Varilux Ipseo)




Who can benefit from the Varilux Ipseo lens?

EVERYONE! However, this high-end offer is particularly recommended for presbyopes who want to be sure that they are wearing the best progressive lens – in terms of optical performance, comfort and aesthetics – as well as know that they are getting the best service.

So Varilux Ipseo lenses are ideal for presbyopes who want a customized, custom made solution.




Compared with other progressive lenses, what are the advantages?

Varilux Ipseo lenses are developed for the best visual performance. They optimize visual field perception and foveal vision as well as visual comfort as a function of a wearer’s visual behavior, because everyone’s visual behavior is unique.

Varilux Ipseo is the only progressive lens that adapts to the wearer, not the wearer to the lens.




What are the benefits compared to other Varilux designs?

Varilux Ipseo creates a unique, custom-made lens design for every presbyope based on patient’s Rx unique visual strategy.

Varilux Comfort and Varilux Panamic are multi-design progressive lenses. For instance, Varilux Panamic has 72 designs to accommodate for the vision changes as the prescription changes.

Varilux Ipseo provides customization far-beyond optics … and each Varilux Ipseo is engraved with the patient’s initials!




Are my Varilux Ipseo lenses engraved with the patient’s initials?

As mentioned above, Varilux Ipseo provides customization far-beyond optics … and yes, each Varilux Ipseo is engraved with the patient’s initials!




Why is the Varilux Ipseo lens design so outstanding?

The head/eye ratio is used to optimize the fields of vision and minimize the swim effect. This ratio influences two important surface design factors:

A large foveal acuity zone for eye movements.

A very smooth peripheral variation to improve dynamic vision and retain natural head movements. Every lens is calculated and designed to correspond exactly and precisely with the head/eye movement ratio measured and yielded from the individual coefficient.


















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